Conference format

Each of our conferences is characterised by...

Systematic teaching

Two sessions each morning, based on the topics that are covered in the book, and normally taught by two or three people. Our teachers have experience in local church leadership and in the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

Small groups

Facilitated discussions in peer groups each afternoon, giving the chance to explore and wrestle with the teaching topics and the challenges of connecting these with one's own specific context. Groups also often spend time praying for and with one another.

Solo prayer space

Intentional space for personal time in prayer and reflection, resourced with themed material relevant to each day's topics. These are designed to help participants have focussed, personal encounters with the Lord, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak directly into one's life.

Spirit-led worship

Corporate worship that allows us to exalt and engage with the Lord, with the freedom and flexibility to respond to whatever ways the Holy Spirit is at work among us.

Intentional debriefing

Pausing to take stock and ask questions, modelling the 'art' of debriefing. These sessions help to demystify what it means to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, as well as ensuring the leadership remains accountable and transparent.

...surrounded by prayer

All of our events are saturated with prayer. Intercessors on-site and off-site cover us in prayer, and each day begins with a prayer gathering where we are attentive to how the Spirit is prompting and guiding us.